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My little Chocolate! Oh! I mean Coco.

I always wanted a Cat. My mom loves cats, but my dad.......not so much. They would not let me get one. It was hard to see my friend and her cat playing together like best friends. I ask my mom what it would take to get a cat. She said get good grades. I always got D- and C+ put never A's or B's. So I Ask my best friend to help me study. It was long and hard, but I made the cut. I always picture my cat being brown and a boy so I could name it Chocolate. Then Came the day I got my cat. She was $150, Age: 5 months, and her breeds were Siamese and Burmese. That was it! I love her the first time I Saw her. I could not call her Chocolate for it's more of a boys name and it was too long. So I called her Coco for Hot Coco like Chocolate milk. :) - Cocoz

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