Cost: Free                Date:6/28-7/5

Here it is, The 1st Magic Catz Times!  -claps- Thank you! Thank you! Let me tell you how this works. Everyweek I will try to put up some New News about Magic Catz, Catz, Kittenz, and other sites. This will be the best news paper you will ever read!!

Why did Magic Catz close?

The little Staff of Magic Catz was really busy. So they closed down. Coco and her owner was planing to close for ever! many Catz and kittenz looked and enjoyed the site. We wanted to make it bigger and better then ever!!!

Adz!! The BEST Sites On the Web! ---- The site about Catz!!

Want YOUR site on the Magic Catz Times? Well you Can! Type in your site name and alittle about your site and Cocoz will put it there for people to see Or put it on Cat Talk.

New things on Magic Catz are: 

Tips on Having a Magic Cat

New contests

Magic Catz Times

Cat Comics

Cat Storys

Catz House!

Magic Catz